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Print Ready Guidelines

Guidelines for print ready artwork: 

  • File Type: Please supply artwork as a PDF where possible. For help with other files types or exporting please get in touch. We can also print from JPGs (RGB or CMYK) but please see point on 'Images & Raster Data'.
  • Size: If possible supply artwork at 100%. However for bigger items please feel free to supply artwork at any sensible scale such as 1:2, 1:4 or 1:10. We can enlarge to the correct desired size.
  • Images & Raster Data: Must be of at least 72dpi when printed at 100% for most large print items (300dpi @ 25%). For items with finer/sharper detail that are to be viewed closer please increase the dpi to 150 or 300 @ 100%.
  • Colour Mode: We will happily print from CMYK or RGB files but cannot guarantee what colour changes will happen when printing from RGB files nor will we accept any responsibility.
  • PANTONES & Colour Matching: As our printing process is digital any spot colours or pantones will only be the closest possible representation and will never be exact. Please be aware some colours will be completely outside the available gamut of our machines. Please get in touch for jobs that are more colour critical. We offer a colour matching and management service for a nominal fee.
  • Fonts & Text: To remove any room for errors please convert all text and type to outlines.
  • Bleed & Print / Crop Marks: Files for most of our print products don't require bleed. Please don't put print marks and crop marks on files as this can delay the process. Mounted prints require 5mm on each edge.
  • Stickers: Please provide an obvious (pink or another vivid colour) vector cut line for stickers with a 2mm bleed past the cut line.