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Send Us Your Artwork

You can use this page to send Big Brand Print your artwork files.

NOTE: For submitting artwork for a live order please use the artwork upload page after the checkout and payment stage as this will store your artwork with your live job file.

TOP TIP: You can send multiple files by clicking the 'Upload a File' button again after the upload has finished. Make it easier and quicker for yourself by Zipping or Archiving your files first.

For more information on how to make sure your files are 'Print Ready' please see (Artwork & Design).

Should you have any problems uploading your files or are suffering from extremely slow internet connection speeds please call (0113) 3501 353 and we can arrange for you to send your files on compact disc or DVD.

Normal File Upload Times: Please be aware upload rates on standard broadband connections are much slower than your usual download rates. For example a 100mb file could take approximately 30mins or more.